Pixarity offers engaging visual experiences for clients looking to take their social or marketing event to the next level. Our understanding in marketing and our passion in photography led us to create this company. We're able to combine our skill sets and share what we know to help our clients create a fun and engaging experience that's worth sharing and promote brand loyalty.

Michael Bui


Michael's interest in photography and cameras stemmed from his families artistic values. Being around cameras from the day he was born till today, he too wanted to carry on the legacy. During high school, Michael was able to earn his income through a profession of shooting for night clubs and music festivals. That is when he discovered the ability to capture someone's beauty and happiness at that exact moment. As time went on, his brother, Chris, and he decided to start a photo booth company called Pixarity. Formerly called The Instabooth.

Interest: Photography, Electronics, Video Games

Chris Bui


Art and photography runs naturally in the family. Chris was always fascinated with cameras at a young age due to his grandfather's profession as an ABC 7 camera man. Chris and his brother have always wanted to start a business in something they both have a passion for. So while working at a media company, they saved up as much funds as they could to open up Pixarity. Formerly called The Instabooth.

Interests: Photography, Motorcycles, Sushi




Allow your guests to share their photos directly to their mobile device through text message or email with our social media capabilities.

We will not share your information to any third party. Not qualified for corporate events.